Faint Pavement Stars

faint pavement stars
(a horoscope)
take care mr muscle
gape doll may not have
yr best heart
neither are friends
a venting chance ariser a
clod boy ash golem
a blobby oneiric tulpa a
dismal little morph
says tell her you
love her change
yr life but heed
his chunter not
mini pops bio
sting in the break
out box go here
you lost yr place
later            buy vinyl
try            grit blasting
try            anal bleaching
try            grit blasting
try            o glib vehicle
try            get kissed at the
                 cold limit the lip
                 leaf soft tip
                 smoke of
                 flux at the tip
stifle yr weeping
love’s not for you
neither plait the
ductile plasms of
lust go naked
this afternoon go
ape            friends may
stand a little
out to sea sad
hobby werewolf
yr salt mirror
smeared at the cone with klonopin sex wax
duck thus under aeolian thrum of the kitesurfer
others may see
you shot out a
fucking cannon
note the heavy rain wave
the grey glass rushes or
brackens slight so they
bend or under such gust
pull as conducts their
muddled parallel spars
riots bring power lines down
heavy the heart o
as the concrete in
a washing machine
does help to stop

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